Edible Oils

Edible Oils

Vegetable oil is an essential and indispensable commodity for humans and its consumption is constantly increasing with global economic progress and population growth. Over 200 Million MT Vegetable oil is extracted worldwide from edible oil crops on a yearly basis. Vegetable oils are rich in nutrients and their long storage life makes them suitable for a variety of applications in foods industry.

Vegetable oils contain contaminants that affect their performance, appearance and taste. Before they can be safely consumed, edible oils need to be treated with activated Bleaching Earth in a process that requires high quality standards, so as to remove inherent impurities and extend their shelf life. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in these oils, for example, are highly sensitive to oxidative damage, which can eventually lead to colour darkening, rancidity, and unpleasant odour/flavour. The adsorptive properties of Bleaching Earth can circumvent these problems and impart greater stability to edible oils.

Demands of Global Edible Oil Industry:

  • Elimination of impurities such as dyes, colour pigments, gum, Dioxins, pesticide residues and heavy metals
  • Preventing the formation of harmful organic chloropropanol compounds like 3MCPD
  • Oil retention in Spent Bleaching Earth

Solutions Offered:

  • IM-NBE Ultra
  • IM-SBE Grades
  • IM-ACT1 Spl Grades
  • IM-CB1 Grades
INDUSTRIAL MINERALS’ High-Performance Products ensure the long storage life of edible oils and make them heat resistant and neutral in taste, while also preserving their essential nutrients. Our offerings are thus ideally placed to vastly improve the dining experience of customers around the globe.