About Us

About Industrial Minerals

‘Industrial Minerals’, incorporated way back in 1962, are a pioneer in the field of mining of high-quality Bentonite in south India Telangana / Andhra Pradesh.
Clay sediments from our mines have remained sealed and isolated for several million years from destructive natural elements, by a protective cap of zeolite minerals. The adsorptive properties of highly charged Calcium Attapulgite deposits have therefore not been compromised in any manner, by potential air or ground water contamination.
Our mineral reserves currently amount to more than 50 million MT of high-quality Bentonite and Attapulgite, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of consistent quality bleaching earth to our clients.
Now we have set out to expand into allied manufacturing activities and to establish ourselves as trusted global suppliers of various forms of processed bentonite with our competitive offerings for a wide spectrum of industrial needs encompassing sectors ranging from edible oils to jet fuel refinement and even agro-products.
We are head-quartered in Hyderabad, Telangana state and our factories are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to efficiently cater to all your varied requirements.


Environment Policy

Industrial Minerals is committed to preserving clean, healthy and safe environments and adopts best practices towards those ends, in all its manufacturing activities.