Petroleum Products

Petroleum Products

Clay Catalysts find application in the Petrochemical Industry for removal of olefins from Aromatic Streams. Aromatic compounds are produced by catalytic reforming of Naphtha to produce Benzene, Toluene and Xylene (BTX) - the Feed Stock/Raw Material for various industrial products such as PET, Polystyrene, other Plastic Fiber Materials and heavier aromatics.

Heavier Aromatics are blended in the Gasoline pool to elevate the Octane Number of Gasoline. In the Catalytic Reforming Process, straight chain hydrocarbons (Naphtha) are converted to Aromatic Compounds. BTX streams are separated from the rest of the Aromatics in the BTX unit. Inferior quality clays can cause frequent changeovers of Clay Treaters, thereby leading to unplanned shutdowns and undesirable production losses.

IndusMin offers 3 types of High Performance Clay Catalysts under the brand name IM-ATTAL for purification of BTX streams. IM-ATTAL Clay Catalysts are highly activated, high surface area Granular Clays.

Challenges in Aromatic Refining:

  • Elimination of olefins and other impurities
  • Reduction in changeover cost due to limited clay lifecycle
  • Obtaining the highest purity of Benzene, Xylene and Toluene

Products offered to counter these challenges:

  • IM-ATTAL 10
  • IM-ATTAL 20
  • IM-ATTAL 20x


  • Highly Activated Clay with High Surface area
  • Longer clay lifecycle to reduce the changeover cost of catalyst
  • Lower Moisture content which minimizes the Dry out Period
  • Lower Free acidity to eliminate undesirable side chain reactions