Clay Catalyst

Clay Catalyst

IndusMin is determined to rank among the top 5 manufacturers of Clay Catalyst in relation to purification of the BTX stream from aromatic material and in refining of air turbine fuel. Our Clay Catalysts are available in 2 grades, namely IM-ATTAL and IM-ATF.

The IM-ATF grade is granular Attapulgite mineral with low moisture and high adsorption capacity which enables longer clay life cycles. The granular Attapulgite Catalyst with exceptionally low fines is very important for the commercial operation to improve overall product purity. It is developed to improve critical parameters related to WSIM (Water Solubility Index Modified Test) and JFTOT (Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test).

Our grades are used in the Petrochemical industry for removal of olefins from Aromatic stream Such as Benzene, Toluene, Xylene and Cumene. These purified aromatics then become the feedstocks for various industrial products such as PET, Polystyrene, plastic fibers and other plastic materials.


  • Highly Activated Clay
  • High Surface Area
  • Longer clay lifecycle to reduce the changeover cost of catalyst
  • Low Moisture content to Minimize the Dry out Period
  • Low Free acidity to eliminate undesirable side chain reactions