ATF & Jet Fuel


Purification of Kerosene, ATF and Jet Fuel
Air Travel is becoming the most popular and convenient mode of travel with affluent lifestyles and economic exchanges spreading across the globe. With the increasing growth prospects projected for the worldwide airline industry many companies are entering this business, thus making air travel prices more competitive. Petroleum refineries which produce Jet fuel or Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) at favourable cost and highest purity are well placed to capture this lucrative global market.

With increasing air travel and consequent intense global competition in the prices of this high-grade fuel, the petroleum products also need to be treated with high grade clay catalysts in order to remove impurities like colour bodies, surfactants, solid substances or particulate and inherent moisture.

IndusMin High Performance Clay Catalyst IM-ACTJET is designed to remove these impurities and unwanted substances from petroleum streams to obtain the highest purity of ATF or Jet Fuel. IM-ACTJET grade is granular (with very low fines) Attapulgite mineral with low moisture and high adsorption capacity enabling longer clay life cycles. IM-ACTJET is developed to improve critical parameters related to WSIM (Water Solubility Index Modified Test) and JFTOT (Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test).

Challenges met for Jet fuel refining:

  • Elimination of Impurities or unwanted substance like solid particles and salts
  • Removal of colours pigments and stabilization of colour
  • Long lifecycle of clay catalyst

Products offered:

  • IM-ACTJET 100
  • IM-ACTJET 100B